BME lean report: a former student is now sharing his experience as a supervising teacher

It was a special year for me at the BME lean process development training. I once graduated here myself, then I was invited to become a visiting lecturer, and this academic year I had the opportunity to try myself as a supervising teacher. It is perhaps not one-sided of me to say that I enjoyed with the students the way in which a thesis topic developed from a company requirement, from an own idea. Part of the training is a well-developed process that takes students through all the stages of writing a thesis, from choosing a topic to the state exam, where it has to be defended. In all cases, the topic leaders will help the students to meet these milestones. This support has been my role, and every minute of it has been exciting and instructive. I feel very fortunate because we have been able to work with motivated students to produce inventive and demanding creative work. Everyone successfully completed the thesis defence and great results were achieved. In the coming weeks, we will be presenting the theses that have been written here during this year's training. First, we briefly look at a thesis on the development of a component manufacturing process for the automotive industry.

It's worth checking back here on the training page every week to see the variety of topics that lean, process development, BME training and the knowledge gained can help you with.

Katalin Szabóné Vozár

Beriv Zrt factory manager, BME Lean process development training - lecturer

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