Lean Practice: we reduced the space occupied by the production line by 50%

We have had a successful weekend and a successful semester in lean training, the last classes have been held, there are still a few days left before the theses are due, then the exams will follow and hopefully we can finish the 6th academic year with a successful final exam.
One of the exercises of the weekend was about production line balancing, where the point is to develop a ribbon-type, large-area, inflexible operator-allocated production.
The goal is to reduce the occupied area by at least 50% and solve the output - after leveling - with 4 operators less in such a way that the customer does not notice anything.

Due to the large number of students, two weeks ago we had already held an online version of the exercise for the first half of the students, and we have already successfully incorporated the experience gathered there into this week's class.

I also like this practice because the outcome is open-ended, which means a lot depends on the students' ingenuity and creativity, so there's always a good atmosphere. It's also important to emphasise that the experience you gain over the years is very important and nothing else can replace it.

I am pleased to report that our students, using the knowledge they had previously acquired, have successfully completed the challenge, so the production line will not be relocated to China.

Gábor Bereczki

lean consultant and lecturer

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