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After the first "Day Zero" program

Last Friday successfully launched the BME's seventh lean engineering and specialization program, this year with record numbers.

The semester was kicked off with a traditional program that introduced the teachers and tutors of the main subjects. Students were given first-hand information about the course, which highlighted the synergies between the different subjects right at the start of the course.

Outdoor games helped the students to get to know each other and their tutors in a more informal way, and gave them the opportunity to start building relationships on the first day. During the fun games, everyone could tell us about their field of expertise or from which part of the country they came.
The students were also given the opportunity to express their expectations of the training.
After the following registration and lunch, the new students were treated to a presentation of their thesis and a report on their experience of the course by two of our students who graduated in 2020/21 with honours degree.
We even gave them the opportunity to talk openly and informally about the training, excluding the prying ears of the lecturers.

The day ended with an introduction to logistic systems by Professor Bóna.
After a rest from the fatigue of the first day, on Saturday the students came back with renewed energy and immersed themselves in the basic topics and approaches of lean and were also introduced to some useful tools.

This was the start of the in-depth work.
Next time, there will be many interesting topics for the students, such as the basics of plant management, unit load assembly, Jidoka or Poka-yoke.

Gábor Bereczki

lean consultant and lecturer


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